a new year’s prayer

‚this time, it’s going to be different‘
you thought
but you forgot to lay off the burden
of the past
‚this time i will find myself in the reflection of your eyes‘
was the intention
so well-meant
and so futile

nothing is going to be different
unless you change yourself
the way you think and act
is what makes things
become different 

believe in yourself , trust your guts
never compromise yourself to the lesser evil
love yourself, cherish life and never accept to be just seen a little
as complexity is what makes all of us and it wishes to be acknowledged and worshipped

a new year’s resolution, thus:
i promise to listen to the voice of the goddess inside me
i promise to listen to the divine wisdom of others
i promise to be love

 happy 2016 !!

2015-08-21 19.43.38

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