between scattered rocks, laying bare
naked bodies – innocent – like children
at the shores of a bay, human presence where
silence is the only constant and pudency lies hidden

ancient landscapes surrounding the ocean
remnatns of times past
when waterdrops shaped rocks continuously
relentlessly forming
creating corners and edges, transitory
that will never last
like our bodies, bronze tanned skins
catching the rays of light
for the moment, one summer, one season
but hopelessly longing
for eternal bliss
on a lonely beach out of sight

there is an old couple splashing water onto each other,
like kids playing in the sea, old familiar pals
and a child searching for coloured stones with her mother
and a lonely diver who is counting his shells

and there is me, only me, like always, alone
diving into the pages of my books and underwater
absorbing the moment and reaching farther
for answers and wisdom and some sort of home

happiness lies in the moment, they say
and i am watching those couples, bathing naked in the sea
like gods and goddesses of another time, places far away
and i feel that the sky is the limit, we are all free
even if solitude is what seems
to limit me in my dreams

at least for a moment i have found it:
the magical realm of Atlantis

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